Power Solutions


The Matthews Group (Pty) Ltd has a directorship with a combined active operational experience in the electrical energy and construction sphere of in excess of 40 years. This extends into all spheres of electrical construction and engineering.

With the ever-increasing cost of electrical energy and the unreliable and inadequate electricity supply in certain areas of the country, MG have concentrated their efforts in the area of sustainable energy installations. This includes energy audits and the optimisation of generating plant and the installation of sustainable alternative energy sources such as PV systems.

A number of projects completed in the sustainable energy and energy saving space include complete energy audits of properties, the submission of an energy reports and proposed usage optimisation recommendations covering the following: Hot water systems, lighting, pumping installations, optimising existing generation capacity, potential upgrading of existing MV reticulation, and load shifting programs to optimise power usage in off-peak tariffs.               

Further to the above, MG have connected solar energy into various commercial, industrial and residential installations for clients such as Sedgeley Energy, Creovision, Emergent Energy, SolarSaver, and in partnership with Picture Perfect Installations. www.pictureperfectsa.com 

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Company Qualities

The Matthews Group through our experience and commitment, pride ourselves on providing a professional and competitive service, focusing on attention to detail and quality workmanship.  This positions us above our competitors.


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